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What The Hell Happened...

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Originally posted by Murat

I am still triying to start static apnea training but those lessons doesn't give me a break. I will need this static training for dentex hunting.


Murat I would just like to say something regarding this. I know that through my own practice and training that static apnea has no benefit in hunting depths or bottom time, I also believe that others like Andrsn have also found this.

My hunting depth hasnt changed from when I could do a 4min static to now a 6:30 and that is why I rarely do it anymore.

If you want to see someone who is hunting your sea and learn how to get those fish get the 40m deep video with Alberto March. I dont even hunt your sea but I learnt a bit about streamlining and techniques watching this guy hunt. He is incredible.

It is obvious that in the med sea to get the best fish like he does you have to be hunting in deep water 130-150ft, its little things you can pick up from this like how he streamlines his gun, and streamlines his snorkel by threading it through his mask strap for less drag.

If you cant get into the water for diving I think that doing dynamic apnea training in the pool is more benefical for you in terms of hunting depths and bottom times then static apnea is.

As you know I have an obsession with deep water and hopefully one day I can come to your sea and hunt the depths with you like Alberto March does, feel free to pm me if you want some more info as at the moment Im doing a different type of training.


Ps maybe you could hunt with us here one day as well
you wanna see my WHAT??!

Originally posted by rigdvr
Sven...I know you got a new gun...why havent I seen pics or at least a description in the equipment area?

Hey! You want me to offend people and take photos at the same time?? rofl Some photos will be in the Equipment thread tomorrow. Of both of them. :king
Y'all are crazy... but that's what I love about this place. It's like one big disfunctional family.
Originally posted by Murat
If you noticed i have some LONG... LONG... conservation with Shane and memo about nothing but it is enjoyable for us.We just like to talk about anything else when the topic is spearfishing...

And thats what annoys a lot of people. When you turn a thread into a private conversation it means everyone else has to wade through non-informative, useless posts to get to the topic of the thread.

Wanna chat? PM or email is a private service that doesnt annoy others...:)

As for Brad (w3ac): The guy is nothing but helpful and nice to others. But as he said, when our posts get ignored because they don't agree with your opinion we stop bothering to try and help you out. Because it seems to us thats its pointless.
Dy sfunctional.

Man, ya send a kid to school, all he wants to do is go to Hawaii. :head The sheer irony...
Now who dropped the stinky bomb!? :)

Alright, Murat - I've always tried to help you, and I'll do it again by
saying this:
I am a Euro spearo and I do have to tell you that even I am often annoyed by your posts... They just don't bring any usefull information. You often ask for help and then question the advice people give you. Even if you take a look at all three pages of this thread, you'd see you keep complaining about how people treat YOU.. Mind you - this thread is oriented to the whole community and is not about you! Maybe if you rethink your attitude it will all become different for you. If it's not too late, that is. I'd try to be more like Shane if I was you, mate - this guy has been REALLY helpfull to you and all of us without bitching at all!

Regarding your allegations about the attitude towards the Euro spearos. Well, mate, sorry but what did you expect? You are in an English language forum? It is obvious that it will be a place for US, Aussie, SA and UK spearos. All those countries are a bit too far from the Med. And those people cannot contribute much to threads about your region - and Europe in general. Maybe if you try any of the Spanish spearfishing portals or the Italian ones, you'd find them much more wellcoming and what's really important - usefull...

And pleaese do not reply to this part of the post... I am not going to enter in any discussion. You cannot change my opinion about the above.

And finally about the Dentex - Search for a movie called Tutto dentiche (All dentex) - as far as I can remember. Italian movie. It was the most informative movie about the Dentex hunt I've ever seen. Now I don't want to disappoint you, but it's not just the static - the things about that fish is that it stays below the 20th meter. You'd also need to master the ambush technique.

Well, I finally registered. After reading the earlier posts, I felt it was an obligation since I've gotten a wealth of information from reading this site. I thank Rolando for directing me here.

Looking forward to share and don't forget, "mi casa es tu casa".

Yet another Cuban!
Cheers for your comments wishbone. Hey guys I have been sitting out of this thread on purpose as I wasn't sure whether you were serious or just kidding with each other. I'll express my point of view now if you don't mind:

I have been spearing since the age of about 5. I am now 27 and feel I have gained quite a bit of knowledge about the different techniques practiced on my side of the world. When I first entered this forum Abri, Fuzz, Eric where posting all day about techniques, equipment etc. It was all very enlightning and I learned a whole lot. Lateley I have been offering my knowledge to up and coming spearos (or anyone who is interested) like Murat,Memo, Ivan,wishbone and a number of other members of the forum. The people whom I was obtaining valuable information from have dissappeared.

I think that you guys from the states are a bit naive about the depth of knowledge which you could gain from euro spearos. Ivan would tell you that if you let a European Spearo like Alberto March or Pedro Carbonell into your waters they would clear up!!!!

I suggest that everyone try to help each other out with valuable information which at the end of the day is why we come to this forum day in day out, to expand our knowledge of spearing and breatholding.

My 0.02c
Welcome to the forum. I am glad the baggage airing didn’t deter you. No problem about the itchy trigger. You can delete the redundant posts yourself by clicking the edit on the bottom of a post you want to remove, and then there will be a delete box and button toward the top of the editing page.

Welcome to mi casita Antonio. Keep a squinty eye out for the other cuban here- Aquiles.

Yes i know you helped me before when i was in trouble. And i know you really want to help peoples. I will consider your suggestion seriously.;)
Originally posted by Murat
W I will consider your suggestion seriously.;)
Thanks mate...
As long as it's in my not so broad field of expertise, I'd always be glad to help. I am sure this goes for everyone else on the forum... ;)


I can easily see why the US spearos are bit more friendly towards each other. After all many of them have actaully met each other in real life, went hunting together and so on. That's why they are more prone to answer to each others posts too.
And as many here already stated they aswell as me dive in very different conditions. I think that the ones you are getting responses from are the ones who actually dive in very similar conditions. And they are in my opininion contributing quite a lot.
What I don't know reasons for is the question stated by rigdvr. It seems that currently there is not much other discussion than what is done between the med spearos. I cant blame anyone though. Waters getting quite cold here and im not that eager to go spearing, and I would be delighted to read posts by anyone about their diving and hunting.

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Welcome Antonio

Welcome Tony! Good to see you finally joined. This site is top-notch as well as an excellent source of information.
Originally posted by tuomo

What I don't know reasons for is the question stated by rigdvr. It seems that currently there is not much other discussion than what is done between the med spearos. I cant blame anyone though. Waters getting quite cold here and im not that eager to go spearing, and I would be delighted to read posts by anyone about their diving and hunting.

What do you not understand? The lack of participation has been over the last 6 or so months...even during peak season. From the response here I am not the only one who noticed.

Tony, welcome aboard :D
Hi All

I know I havn't been very busy on the forum lately because it was our winter and winter means rugby to me. Our Summer is really starting now so hopefully I'll see some more action now.
Hope to shoot a few biggies this season. I'm planning to go on holiday from the 7 of December to the 6'th of Jan and I want to dive everyday (Weather and Missus permitting)

Yesterday I went for a drive to Houtbay via Clifton and went to Millerspoint wich is apperentley a pretty good place to spear. I wanted to go into Cape Point but had to little time before I had to visit some friends. The water @ Clifton looked loooooveley!!! Looked like a movie. All blue but I'm sure it was lank cold.

The weather today is very nice for diving. Blue sky, no wind 31 Degrees Celcius. Wish so much I was in the water now. But since I have to *&%$% work I can't go. Maybe tomorrow I'll develop a stomach bug or back problem or some wierd sickness :D and then I'll get my but into the water.

I bought a camera so I'll be able to put some photies on this season. I hope.

Just one other thing I notice up here that people got quite hot under the collar. So this is what I think: (Drummroll) We are all Divers\Spearos so let us all get along and learn from each other.
Let us keep this forum abour Hunting\Diving and that's it.

Although If you want to post a pic of the Missus it's OK with me :p

On another note. Lately I got into contact with alot of SA\Cape Town divers through this forum. I'll definetly take them up on their offers to go diving with them. So maybe we can organise a Cray Grab\Spearfishing trip and the post some pics.

I need to sort out some of my gear before the season starts in all earnest though. I need to get my gun's trigger mech fixed and the spear needs some straigtening.(I didn't shoot a biggy, A wave picked me up when I was coming out and got smashed into a reef.) And I also want to buy me self a wicked pair of fins. As long as possible. I want to be able to outswim a shark :duh

Cheers Reinier

Take it easy
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Can't we all just get along???????????????

Seriously though, it's the personal attacks I don't like and that's what drove me away. It seems everybody’s saying post pics and tell hunting stories but to tell the truth, I'm a little gun-shy to do that much anymore. I once posted a picture of my World Record mutton snapper and got slammed for it by Aquilles. He demeaned me for turning in a World Record. I guess he was too cool to do such a lowly thing. And lest we not forget what happened when I proudly posted a picture of my 2002 Nationals catch. Sven started a thread entitled "Spearfishing competitions, ethics or pathetics" where he proceeded to bash me beyond belief. I think that's when I left the Forum. But then I came back after several months because I realized that the majority of divers on this Forum are good guys and I enjoy interacting with them. Not to mention the half dozen or so great guys from DB that I've been lucky enough to meet and dive with over the past year.

So, now I try to stay away from the controversial stuff, don’t reply to or argue with the few assholes still left on the forum, try to help out with useful info if I have any to contribute when somebody asks for it, spread a little good Karma around when I think it’s appropriate, and in general just try to have a good time, help people, and learn a few things. I’m also trying to structure my replies in a better manner such as Don Moore and several other members always seem to do. I’ve noticed that certain guys on DB always find a nice way to respond to posts and get their point’s across no matter how antagonistic of a reply they are responding to.

Take care, dive safe, and you’ all know that just about everybody from DB has an open invitation to go diving with me on my boat anytime if they ever make it to south Florida. That goes for freedive spearfisherman and pure freedivers alike.

Scott T.
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