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where are you from?

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Where Have You Dived?

  • Africa

    Votes: 18 5.1%
  • Australia

    Votes: 18 5.1%
  • Asia

    Votes: 12 3.4%
  • Europe

    Votes: 166 47.0%
  • North America

    Votes: 110 31.2%
  • South America

    Votes: 8 2.3%
  • Somewhere Else?

    Votes: 21 5.9%

  • Total voters
The good old UK, still cold, still a bit murky, still 300miles from a good dive site, still trying to find a job!

Gotta love it!
Tell me about it....uh UK is just not the place... went diving last weekend...Oh my my luck just gets worse every time... I thought I would get fairly good diving in Sidmouth, not too deep but interesting........no.. There were some "little" waves that picked up the dirst from the bottom...and AGAIN 20cm viz.. I think I just stop diving here... nothing to see, cold water... did you hear about that shark they got from Cornwall.. 500pound I can't remember what but that would be a treat to see here... well perhaps I keep trying to dive in UK, untill I move to a place with crystal clear water and corals...and in my dreams..:head
Can you chaps get access to a fresh-water site? The sea in winter tends to be crappy up here too (has been for weeks, now), but whenever I get irritated by lack of diving I go in the local quarry - which is F-ing cold. Hence I don't do it often in winter! But it gets it out of your system.

Freshwater is colder than the sea in winter, and warmer than the sea in summer. The temporal temperature changes are also different. The smaller the water volume of your FW, the more it mirrors air temperature (obviously....).
I don't like lakes.. too shallow nothing to see.. well so far that has been the case.. exept The lake Garda in Italy...huh beatiful.. but nothing to see though..compared to sea..
The shark they got from cornwall was a thresher shark... it was pretty impressive sight I saw it on tv... I wish it would still be swimming in the ocean where it belongs!
Is there any deep lakes around Devon Cornwall area?? I would be interested...
Hello everyone. I was born and raised in Izmir, Turkey, where you can see the trensperancy of the water even at depts of 100 meters.
I traveled to Miami once about 4 years ago and I was sold on the women here.hahaha So now here in Mami, Florida I live where there are some great guys to dive with and some amazing women to dive with as well.haha
be safe, be well
San Joaquin Valley, CA

There are lakes nearby, probably about 30-45 minutes away, but my diving has been in the ocean so far. My dive sites were at the Breakwall in Monterey, and Del Monte beach in Monterey. The water was Cold; about 50-55 degrees. I can't wait to get my own wetsuit. Vis was 3-4 feet at Del Monte, and about 15 ft at the Breakwall. I hear there's halibut in that area. I'm not into spearfishing yet, but it sounds interesting.

Welcome realynew. :D This is a fun site; I hope you enjoy it.


Ted and I are in Wisconsin. There are a couple of guys from the Chicago area and I believe that Ohio and Indiana are also represented. Fred is way up in North Dakota if you are in that area.

Hi there,

From: (at the moment) cold and clouded Netherlands....

I have dived on several spots on this earth (warm and cold) and all places have thier charmes.....even here in summer with almost zero visibility you can have fun/train or encounter wild live like a large pike (1.2m). I know this is not a shark but very beautiful to follow, they have no natural enemies and are reasonable approachable.

In winter the visibility in some lakes reaches 20-25m and despide the cold water (2°C) give us the perfect feeling. Then there is the phenomenon ICE-freediving, I can't descripe it in words.......

Greetings and keep breathing,

Mad Pim:duh
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Hi all,
I live on the north east coast of Spain in a nice area called the Costa Brava. There are several decent dive areas as well as natural parks with abundant fish. Visibility can range from just a few meters to perhaps 20 or 30m. That's about the maximum I've experienced so far. I started spearfishing at the ripe old age of 8 in Greece :D been several months in the British Virgin Islands and lived several years in the Dominican Republic where the greatest danger apart from sharks were the police (I used to have long hair) :p I was into bodysurfing then and not so much skindiving. My (board) surfing buddies would say "Hey - If we see a shark we'll let you know!" Gee thanks...:head Anyway while waiting for the right wave I'd be treading water real peacefully - like not wanting to attract attention. At around 16 I stopped spearfishing and turned to underwater photography, personal reasons and philosophy, but I won't begrudge the spearo's their fun :) I have a feeling there's one still lurking around in me :D and I might just have to get me a hawaiian sling one day.

Anyway, if any of you pass through the area let me know.
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Belgium here,

Diving in quarries filled with green water and metal stuff that makes your compass go bonkers, or a dive trip to our lovely neighbours' waters in the north: Zeeland, the oosterschelde. Or else the North Sea (not for dummies). Anyways: choices are no viz or no viz and strong currents = adventure!!!
I love it, only the Great Whites are missing. ;)

Have fun down there, wherever you are.

I'm in Louisiana, about 30 minutes from TMcKee (I'm at LSU most of the year but am at my folks' in Slidell for the holidays). The local diving is crap. Anything deeper than 1m around here is unusual. Lake Pontchartrain averages 3.7m and has a 6m shipping channel, but visibility is 1m on a good day and 10 inches more often than not. The water is gross, too. Annual beach cleanups and a spearfishing contest or two (one thing the lake DOES have is a plentiful supply of large gar, sheepshead, and redfish) are the only diving the lake sees, to my knowledge. Rig diving is supposed to be great, but it's offshore (out of my reach) and I'm not sure if anyone freedives them.

I did some freediving/snorkeling as a child when my family went to beaches in Alabama and loved it. I found my old snorkel a few days ago while doing some early packing to return to university, and now there's no turning back :) I can't wait to get back into diving and try my hand at spearfishing as well.

First, though, I need to lose some, er, extra buoyancy :duh
I come from Denmark (Between Sweden and England) All beaches, good diving when the wind don't stir up the sand. depths up to 20-30 metres, average 10 metres
Oklahoma here....

Just getting into freediving as an alternative to my cave diving. I'm hoping to improve my tech diving and maybe do some photography.

Beaver Lake in NE Arkansas has very good vis, esp near the dam, and is a great shade of blue.

Anyone want to go diving?

Dive safe
Hi everybody
I'm from France but usually dive in Spain (estartit).
I'm glad to see so many people from so many countries just talking about diving.
Is there others people from Southern Europe around here?

Dry country

Brazil, South Africa, Spain, etc... Some of you seem to be quite a bit of lucky given their diving areas. As for me, I probably had not had that kind of luck: Switzerland. Want a coastline, now! Well, it`s not all that bad, 7 hours by car and there`s Italy. I tend to go to Corsica every summer with clear and not-too-cold Mediterranean Sea around it... The rest of the year is pool as I never tried to do diving in a lake yet(got no suit...).

Ciao Joe
Kuwait....crystal clear waters all year round baby! Summer: 25 deg. Celcius (water of course), winter a brisk 5 deg. Celcius...:D

not to mention tons upon tons of groupers, pomfrets andother TASTY fish!