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where are you from?

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Where Have You Dived?

  • Africa

    Votes: 18 5.1%
  • Australia

    Votes: 18 5.1%
  • Asia

    Votes: 12 3.4%
  • Europe

    Votes: 166 47.0%
  • North America

    Votes: 110 31.2%
  • South America

    Votes: 8 2.3%
  • Somewhere Else?

    Votes: 21 5.9%

  • Total voters
Puna, Big Island (Island of Hawaii)

No love for the Hawaiians on the poll. So that's how its going to be...:waterwork
I am a recent transplant to Tampa, Florida. Being 20 minutes from the ocean is soooooo nice. Not to mention that it's actually warm most of the year (I feel bad for the folks living in the frigid North!). I moved here from Louisville, Kentucky primarily for the proximity to the ocean and the diving. The midwest is fine......just not a lot of ocean and good diving there. ;-)
I am from Sundsvall, Sweden. Middle in Sweden eastcoast.
Water is cold 11 months year, crappy visibility about 4 meters.
And almost nothing to see.
but i dive it anyway, i have to checkout Norweigan westcoast this summer pretty nice marine life includeng killerwhales,

Some of the best other places i dive so far is...

1. Similian Islansd , Thailand. VIS up to 50M And great marine fauna

2. Zakynthos Greece, Greath temp for skindive and great marine life , som huge turtles here.

3. Skiathois Greece

4. Spain west coast.
Still a lot of travel to do I guess after reading this thread.
If you want to join the exact details of your freedive spots: www.freedivingspots.net
I just launched this site to help everyone around the world find good places to freedive. So please add your spots to the database. And make the choice for a next vacation even harder :D

Oahu's North Shore. missing hilo bay and south point, but the warm, freindly water, and caves at sharks cove/three tables are plenty fun to peruse solo.

Definite hats off to the south african spearing types who have no problem dragging chum around in the water with em while 6-9 meter apex predators lurk in the depths :p

I wouldn't be able to stop thinking: "does my sillhouette really look like an anorexic, slow moving seal?"
I wouldn't be able to stop thinking: "does my sillhouette really look like an anorexic, slow moving seal?"


A realy good one!

Anyway a big hello from Slovenia (we only have about 42km of coastline)

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Los Angeles. We in California would boast that our white sharks are as big as any. But I wouldn't underestimate the tigers in Hawaii OahuNSfreediver. At least whites spit you out most of the time.
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At the moment still up in the mountains near the Austrian border....but I'm going back to MY SEA in Tuscany in less than two months! What a joy!!!!

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sunny malta

maltas great seas always warm great dive sites clear seas great visability.spear fishing isnt bad but its not great.i think the med is way over fished. and the fish around mal;ta are very afraid of divers.i dont blame them getting spears shot at them all the time.to have a good day spearing you have to look for realy remote places to fish in malta.but if your a good aspetto spear fisherman you got it made.NO ASPETTO NO FISH.simple as that.and also big palagics tend to stay very far from shore but ocasionly if you know where to fish you can catch some nice amberjacks.if any of you are in malta look me up and we'll do some serious spearfishing

just let me know when your coming johnmicallef@shadow.net.mt
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Aloha from sunset beach

As I'm much more prone to shooting things with a camera, I rarely feel much at risk to predation by the apex fishies (Tiger sharks). The biggest risk to me seems to be SWBO when I push myself solo through some of the longer caves. (longest take 2+ minutes dynamic) I recently saw the biggest moray (10 in/25.4 cm diameter) I've ever seen in a pitch black cavern that connects some of my favorite haunts, I don't know which of us was more shocked when my light beam lit up it's face weaving through the bait ball of seasonal papios hiding in the cave (rarely see stuff as cool when I'm toting a camera).
Of course, if my friend John sells me his Kayak and an arbalette, I may place myself into a higher profile slot of the food chain for the payoff of fresh Uhu, Ulua, or pelagic food. In thirteen years locally, the only large tiger (14' or about 4.66 M) that I've ever seen was hauled up on the docks by a local fisherman after a boogie boarder got munched in the nineties. It certainly did have an impressive bite radius, and yea I have read accounts in which they don't exactly bite and release, but I'm still probably at many orders of magnitude greater risk driving to the spot.


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Wow, and people call me crazy for swimming through the caverns in Georgian Bay! The longest underwater portion I've found is probably less than 60 feet! A very easy 30 second swim max... Yes I'd definatly say you're in more danger in the caves than from the sharks, but hey, as long as you're not dragging me down there... ;) Really though, it sounds like such a great spot!

Hi Aaron, Yea It's my favorite summertime relaxation to cruise around the caves at shark's cove, and take pictures of the marine life within the sanctuary. Drop me a line if you're ever over here when it's flat, I'd be glad to show you some excellent 30-45 second routes that are technically fun. Sadly for the freedivers, the first swells of this years season are starting up, supposed to be 15'+(4-5m) by wednesday.
Wow sounds great! If I do get there when its flat, I'll drop you a line! But with waves like that... I enjoy roughwater swimming when I'm at the coast, but biggest I've seen is about 12'! But the water here really never gets very big. When it gets over 4' or so, I start my dives from inside the caverns when I can, alot more sheltered in there. Haven't been beat on the rocks yet.... :blackeye I'll try to get some pics on here when I can.

Thanks for the reply, so neat to hear where everyone else is diving.

¡¡¡¡¡Hola everydoby!!!!!!

From the colds waters (including pinguins) of Chile.
I'm from Turkey, I would recommend our shores to anyone who is interested in serious spearfishing. Although fish are scared too much, aspetto rocks in our waters :)
Sweden. The very south, but still a bit cold this time of year...