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Why I hate you all....

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Working Class Spearo
Mar 17, 2002
It's -41C outside right now, thats -42F for the yanks. It's so cold the snow does not crunch underfoot, it squeeks. when you breath in through your nose your nostrils, for a brief second, stick together. And god forbid you try and take a tinkle outdoors :duh

so to all you enjoying beaches and sun and weather above that glorious freezing point.... I hate you :D

(I've wintered camped in a snowshelter when it was much colder, but I think I am getting soft....)
Swap places? nah - spent quite a bit of time in the UK. To much rain, yucky grey days and nasty warm beer.... lots of pretty girls though :wave

I really wanted to go to the gym tonight but my truck won't start, funny that.... :hmm
To much rain, yucky grey days and nasty warm beer....

Philistine! It's called ambience and fine ale....

...and pretty girls....

Like Alison, I hope you're implying...
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pic taken 5mins ago...lets not even begin to discuss the windchill....


Red is INDOOR, Black is OUTDOOR.
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I like diving in the rain - the patterns on the water from below almost make it worth the hanging around in the wet...

pretty girls? well Canada has some pretty cool guys so maybe we could all swap countries - we'll all move over and send your girls here. Had enough of British men right now...

grumpy day

oh oh oh!!!!

aren't we all having a grumpy one... i have my gripes too

- smell of grey water everywhere and puddles of it near the eating area :yack
- the pub is being demolished so we dont have a watering hole :friday is cancelled
- my leave was almost cancelled (again!) but after 3 days of fighting with the boss it has been approved for next week (off to the Dubai Shopping Festival!) but now there is bad atmosphere. I HATE that. :ko
- our dive boat is still broken so we cant enjoy anywhere else except our house reef which looks like the sahara desert since the tsunami hit it :vangry
- its really hot outside but we aren't allowed to enjoy even at lunchtimes.. anyone who slips in a snorkel during lunchtime gets the third degree :confused:

I miss home... and right now anywhere could be "home" except this dump

:waterwork :waterwork


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    Tsunami Hitting O&O RRR.jpg
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yeah people keep reminding me that loads of people are having it rougher!! stick with it, it will be worth it when you get your paradise back - believe me you're not missing much in the UK right now! strong winds and floods here too bizarrely

maybe we should make a grumpy thread for everyone to whinge on!

I wouldn't worry Alison, it looks like everyone's got the January Blues - even those in warmer climes.
Just wanted to add in another feeling-slightly-sorry-for-myself scuba instructor!
Mind you, I'm working in an I.T. call centre in Dublin, so I have several good reasons to have the Jan Blues!
Keep the chins up folks - a few drinks in the local & a bit of a party with some friends (and who knows maybe a bit of "action"?!) should see us all right!

Big Smiles Guys (January's half-over!)

Alison said:
Is that sand?

I looked closely at the photo too after I clicked to get the big version. Having just been there (Summer Island) I can say, yes, that is sand in the water flowing out from the reef walls in both directions. Looking at the date of the photo, I am trying to decide if that was after the waves or just before. Keep in mind that Summer Island is actually to the North of Reethi Rah and Madivaru is south so the photo seems to show that the majority of the sand is flowing west to east, indicating that the water is being pulled towards the east meaning that this was taken before the wave .....

Just a little Sherlock Holmesing but I am an IT guy, not a detective so I could be wrong.....
island_sands said:
oh oh oh!!!!

anyone who slips in a snorkel during lunchtime gets the third degree :confused:

:waterwork :waterwork


Slips a snorkel in what during lunchtime? :chatup

I guess the other obvious side to that question is "How would one get INTO a snorkel to slip in the first place? :duh

So much for the Grumpies! rofl rofl rofl
thanks for cheering me up folks!!
and I was more on about canadian guys than uk girls!

samdive said:
thanks for cheering me up folks!!
and I was more on about canadian guys than uk girls!


I like the way you think :chatup

don't worry Alison, I find it all very funny. :)

well it's warmed up quite a bit! it;s 930am, the sun is rising, and it;s a balmy -36C !!! :duh
I'd like to make a small contribution to the cause of dispelling the jan. blues.

Peter S.


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Reactions: Amphibious
Alison said:
For that matter with Amphibious too! 41 below? Jeez! he must be clanking when he walks around rofl

Doesn't have to be -41 for that to happen :cool:

Yeah - come here IslandSands, you can help me eat through all this game meat my freezer! sure we could talk Oldsarge into making the trip north..., but he has to bring some Napa Valley vintage if he comes :friday
Oh I agree the weather is getting cold. Woke up this morning under only one blanket, walked outside to feed my cat in only my boxers and I swear it must have been at the most 65 burrrrr :duh . Yeah man I aint never leaving Hawaii. BTW there is snow here. Mauna Kea has some snow on the summit and there were reported 5 foot snow drifts earlier this week. But Amph, you got way better hunting than I do.
at 1am last night, after quite a few beers my hunting buddy gives into peer presure and goes "Canadain" @ -41C rofl

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