Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Wong Mahi


Working Class Spearo
Mar 17, 2002
Western Canada
Right on Griff

I'll post a review on my Saracen 130 as soon as I get it wet (may)

who needs wood :yack when you can have CARBON! :inlove



Deeper Blues pet
Jun 4, 2002
Townsville, Australia
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I need a bar to string my fish on... ;)

Yes the railgun is fairly new Mark and it does a darn good job, I am confident it will handle the tuna, pelagics ect I will be shooting. However I would like to get hold of a top shelf bluewater gun for use around PNG on tuna, I am interested to compare the difference in power and range, at the moment I am just sounding things out... I have a good old undersea timber gun... and to be honest I am not real impressed by it... (what would you expect when compared to a railgun:duh ) however I would believe this is completely different to say a riffe or wong ect. (by about 3 rubbers and a thousand + bucks...).

I have never had a chance to use a wooden bluewater gun... and no one I know has one... (there could be a good reason for this...) and if they did I doubt they would be keen to part with it, even for a short while... (when you find a good cruth keep it close). At the moment I am just sounding things out, I noticed an alexander gun the other day setup for bluewater and on recall I remembered this gun was in the exact same position close to 6 months ago... so perhaps a little cash would part it from it's owners hands (unlikly though). To be honest luggin a big timber gun doesn't greatly appeal to me it would probly get more use bashing intruders then anything else in townsville with my boat range and capacity.

The problem is that I can't find a euro trigger that will handle 2 20mm rubbers that I can only just load... the other day I ordered another picasso century handle and trigger mech the bill came to $125 and at the end of it I have a trigger that I don't trust with double 20mm rubbers (so never use em) and only slightly trust with double 16mm rubbers. I just want a safer mech.

I have messaged daryl about his mech... if it will fit into my picasso century handle I will grab it so fast the posty will be scared to go near my mail box!

I was going to attempt to build a blue water euro with riffe handle but the handle and trigger mech alone will cost me $400+ aus the barrel was carbon fibre and would cost a heck of a price add to that shaft muzzle and running gear and I just bought myself a riffe island... so basically unless I could find a secondhand mech that was good enough to hold say 3 16mm rubbers It was going to be to expensive...

So the way i see it the only way i am going to get to compare the high level blue water guns that double as tank busters... and the high end euro's like the edge,stealth and Rob allens which can circumsize a mullet on the edge of visibility is to actually get them both. I considered writing a letter to daryl asking him very nicely to send me a free ono gun for testing and to see if I like it... but I have this strange suspicion he would laugh and send me a big box of nothing instead :) I am in no hurry... I can wait till agood deal pops up... but until then I need to know a few of the differences between a riffe setup and an alexander/kitto/wong which tend not to have the wings. Deeper blue is a great site for info... but nothing beats hands on testing!

Hopefully shadow can give me a look at his baby riffe... might give me a few build ideas... or at least give us something if we run out of firewood to cook the fish on!

*In the world of spearfishing it is my belief if you can't build it (excluding trigger mechs) you probly don't need it)*

Someone bring out a decent euro trigger mech and the railguns have me for life :)


Certified SCUBA Rider
May 7, 2002
Durban South Africa
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what you could do is ask an engineering company to make a new sear so that you are more confident with a 2 20mm's. just remember it means thicker spear, more recoil, more mass, more hasstle and more fish???.... thats the important part isnt it?

what size tuna are you hoping to get a shot at?

PS, Will, the wood guys are using carbon, just very very low grade carbon :D
some day they will evolve
Last edited:


Deeper Blues pet
Jun 4, 2002
Townsville, Australia
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Griff the tuna I want to spear are he brothers of the one my mate caught just after i left PNG... if you want to have a look it's on the www.spearfishing.com.au website, it's under the chitchat section in the "Traveling gear" thread :) Is a very nice fish and I issed jumping in on some due to having my shooting line tangled and only a 7 odd litre float handy... I am hoping shadow and I can find some more of thease fish and have a nail at them...

I feel confident the 1.3 railgun would handle the fish without to much of a problem! I would of liked to use a 7.5 mm RA shaft with 2 20mm rubbers... but use double 16mm shafts quite happily with the 7mm shafts...
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