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Big Bluefin Are In!!!!

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You make sure you take some pics of those tuna for me :cool:

You bet I am going to try!!!

I might dive infront of a school without a gun to see how close they actually get.

Yesterday there were 2 killer whales chasing the tuna. Now that would scare me

I will get my kit completely ready before I try and shoot 1.
Originally posted by shaneshac
Yesterday there were 2 killer whales chasing the tuna. Now that would scare me

Oh man ! !! That very cool pic. Did you see it underwater??? Now you have two opponents, sharks + killer whale :D :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
A friend of mine went out tuna fishing yesterday and he said there was another boat out there, with a tuna hokked up right beside the boat, when a killer whale bit the tuna and left only the head. They managed to hoist the head on board to see the damage the killer whales make. THe head weighed over 60 kilos and the whale had eaten the fish in one bite!!!!:confused:

Scary stuff eh!!!
Did you watch the movie about orca taking revange of its child and lover from whale hunters??? Just kidding man ! ! ! Probably you are too small for them, doesn't worth to chase.... I bet on you against tuna+orca+sharks ! ! !:D
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Holy Cow..........200kg plus BlueFin..........!!!!!!!!!

Some questions to excite me :
Shane, what is the water temp in Celcius of your water ?
What kind of visibility you get there ?
Can a foreigner shoot bluefin tuna ?
Can you sell your catch with out special permit ?

If you airfreight one of those Bluefin you landed to Japan, you can buy all the guns you ever need.

Hi Iya

The water temp is about 17 - 18 Degrees Celcius
Viz is about 20 meters
In theory you would be in either Spanish water or Moroccan waters so you need the Spanishfishing licence and abide by their catch limits. IE One fish per diver per day. SO if there are 4 ppl in the boat each with a licence, one of them could do the diving and catch a fish for each licence.

No aqualungs allowed.

You can sell the fish. We have a nmber of Japanese boats out here ready to transport the Tuna.

Hope this answers you questions. Please feel free to ask some more.
Hi Shaca.

Are there any boats that take spearfishers with,
like 'charters'?
Just visited gibraltar month ago, to see the tourist things like the monkeys. Didnt do any diving there though. Just wondering how much it would cost to arrange a spearfishing trip to gibraltar.
Not for blue fins though.. ;)

There are no specialised spearing charters. Most local spearos don't like taking divers they don't know spearing as there have been a few casualties and no one wants to be reposinble.

Also gibraltar is very small and the good spearing spots are limited. Winter is probably the best time.

With regards fishing Bluefin, I am currently studying this matter in detail as I want to make sure I am breaking no laws by diving in the middle of the straits. Also have to abide by Spanish and Moroccan laws depnding on which part of the straits you are fishing.

Costs would be getting here and your stay. If you ever come over again I will be happy to take you.

What sort of level are you?
I have been spearfishing for about 1,5 years now.
As far as spearfishing i'm not very good at it.
I'm capable freediver with personal best at 32 m, but i dont normally hunt below 20 m.
Thanks for the invitation, but it's likely that i wont come atleast very soon. I'm planning to arrange trip to norway next spring and maybe a trip to england where my brother Pekka lives.
Ofcourse we have our regular christmas trip to sharm el sheikh this coming december.

And if you ever come to Helsinki, feel free to contact me. No reason to go spearfishing here though.. :waterwork


Thanks for the info.
17-19 *C is damn cold for me but if I were to wear a 5mm neo suit, I think I will shiver less.......:D

What do you do with all those monsters you caught on reel ?

If I ever have the money to spend I don't mind hunting them Blue Fins in your area, as long as they don't hang around deeper than 7 meters...ha ha ha, my freedive limits.

I think if a spearo can sell the catch without breaking the law, it surely be fun. Personal satisfaction and cash refunds.....what a great life !!

If you want to hunt them Blue Fin, my advice to you is to get a Riffe Metal Tech 3 and rigged it like mine with 6 x 14mm bands and the 9.5mm shaft. It is more powerful than the off the shelf Riffe Island with 3 x 16mm band which Paolo Gaspar used to land his giant. If you can ever get close up to 3 meters speartip to tuna, I am sure the 9.5mm shaft of the MT3 with 6 bands will punch at least 80 cm into the fish flesh and will have enough momentum to break the spine. I punched thru a 40kg Dog Tooth Tuna from 6 meters no problem, flesh only no bones. At an angle and about at least 50-60 cm flesh penetration. The last one I shot was from the back of a 20-25kg Doggie, went thru from middle of the body to the small nostril above the mouth, went thru the head bones, that is already about 60 cm penetration from 5 meters tip to fish. I can only imagine the kind of damage the 6 banded MT3 will do from 3 meters.

The MT4 and MT5 is more powerful but the MT3 allows you to swing very fast tracking these fast monsters. I can ony imagine how I will pee in my pants if any of these giants ever "brushed" me...:eek:

I think 2 of Riffe torpedo floats and 1 of solid bungie board is a good insurance if you don't stone this sized monster. Even then technically the combined 3 floats should not be a problem for a 200kg giant to pull underwater for a while or perhaps for a long while, but they will get tired eventually. Hoped those floats do not get damage during the battle. Sorry at this size I can only speculate the possibilities, no personal experience to this level....probably never will.
A friend of mine had caught a couple of large squid (calamari) and he ahd them on his belt when a giant bluefin decided he was hungry.

He grabbed onto my friend and accelerated him enough form 0-60 underwater. Lucky squid are soft and they broke. My friend has not been spearing since.

I will probably start learning the ropes later on this year when schools of smaller bluefin come in. I will test different setups and see wat works.
As I mentioned earlier on in this thread, euro spearos are not too bothered with records. CHeck this amberjack out. No assistance from anyone and using only one shot
If that 0-60 tuna pull happened to me, maybe I will stay away from the water for a few months.....:confused: ...at least.

That is a very-very big amberjack. Do blue fin tuna get close to a diver like a curious amberjack ? If so................yum yum yum...:p

Update us on your Blue Fin hunt, sure will make a great reading.

The tuna do get close but don't hang about like amberjack

That's why you have to compromise power with fast tracking. Unfortunately sacrificing power is not recommended due to the sheer size of the tuna.

So you have to get the balance just right.
20 meter viz, 200+kg Blue Fin.........what a dream for me...:p

If I am assuming that US$5000 can get me a return air ticket to your area + hotel + boat charter + permit + etc, that means I have to stop hunting locally for 30 trips = 12-14 months. Damn, I will emotionally die if I stop hunting that long.

If a foreigner like myself can hunt and sell the fish ( can't bring home anyway ) to the Japanese buyer standing by there.....maybe the chanche of having a free hunting trip is 1%.....ha ha ha better than nothing....:eek:

After reading about your Blue Fin tuna, I know at least there is one destination worth saving money for....:D

Will you one day take a brand new MT3 like mine as a fee for being a professional guide Shaca..? .:D

You know the tuna story that i told previous. There were rumors about huge tunas and so... Previous day i talked to his diving buddy and he told me the true story. This guy is local fisherman he earns his money with spearing. He know top secret spot that regullarly found 50-60 kg tunas. His diving buddy said he shoot few of them every year in 100 meter of water. I dunno what set up he is using. Probably omer coz there is no other brands. His diving buddy uses 86cm gun with 6.5mm shaft for 20-30 kg AJ.
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