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DB's August Contest!!

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Nothin at all my friend


My sincere apologies . . . . Im afraid you were just the innocent victim of my overzealous drive to finally win some kind of freediving contest.

I just don't know what has gotten hold of me here . . . these (stupid) contests of sven's are just soooo engaging that I lost all sense of perspective . . .

- that must be Jeff.
- 'As far as Plumbers go, Bob was a little...eccentric.'

- 'Another example of why you should never mix business with pleasure.'

- '...And this years Darwin Award goes to a young man who accidentally flushed himself while practicing "static apnea" in a vacuum operated toilet.'

- 'Ah, to be young again.'

- 'To boldly "Go" as no man has gone before.'

- 'Yet another novel method for practicing equalization techniques.'

- 'Remember: the most committed wins.’

- 'Ernie's "No-Limits" simulator.'

- 'The performance artist formerly known as "#2".'

Somebody stop me!

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I almost forgot...

Deleted scenes from the Big Blue

- " I have to go and see ".

- " What kind of man has such a family ". :waterwork

- " I'll only be five minutes ".

- " ...At the depths these men are diving it's a physiological impossibility that that they can make it back to the surface. The pressure is so strong...”

I crack myself up... :eek:

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My misguided attempt at toilet humor...

- 'Although it was too late for Steve now, he finally saw the wisdom in "putting the toilet seat down".'

- 'Some primitive seafaring cultures still sacrifice a diver to the "Porcelain God".'

- 'Few people know the real reason John Crapper invented the toilet.'

- 'When I bite into a York peppermint patty...'

- 'Yet another obtuse Mentos commercial.'

- 'While pioneering in spirit, early freediving competitions lacked imagination.'


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Fred would freedive wherever he thought he saw gold. Sadly, he was colourblind.
- 'Freediving tip #102: "power" washing your gear.'

- 'Davie Jones often pondered where the fins in his locker went.'

- 'The horrible truth behind Newbie initiation into Freediving.'

- 'Another victim caught in "the wrong place at the wrong time".'

- 'To his detriment, little Billy neglected his fathers advice to "stay away from the rip current".'

OK, OK...:duh

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Jeez, Ward! Have a little time on your hands?!:D

And Chris...stupid contests eh?:hmm And I was going to PM you to say hi. sigh. :naughty

OK, ok...

I'll throw my hat in, not that I'm eligible...

"Man! This visibility is the shits!"

"Sven disposing of his Riffe collection after testing my railgun"

(Sorry I.P. ; managed to resist for two days ...:D )
" Sven dives deep in search of the elusive brown trout"

" I've been told I was a shitty diver"

" And away go my Escapez's down the drown... Diver Rooter"

This shot gives new meaning to the phrase " Plumber's Helper"
twinkle, twinkle, little star,
how I wonder what you are.

i see you in this state of trance,
holding my breath while dropping my pants.

anyone smarter would install a fan,
to avoid doing statics while on the can.

but, as the light here fades to somber glitter
i bump the handle, and get sucked down the sh%#ter!

twinkle, twinkle, little star,
how I wonder what you are.

twinkle, twinkle this

...up above the World so high, now please get your hand off of my thigh.

"I could never imagine that it would be my fins who got stuck..

I guess the scuba tanks were just too much ;)
but what should a girl do to train for her cavediving?? "

"Never try to exit with your feet first"

"How the hell can I help my buddy down there??"

"Am I that ugly in the morning?? He could have taken the door.. "

"The FBI got stuck trying to find BinLaden :D "
More tries...

"The call of the deep..."

"S & M gone bad....."

"The safest way to practice water equalizing..."

"The rushing water floods the sinuses..."

"I never even heard his screams - Wife "

"Trying to catch a ride to the real ocean..."

"Failed attempt at static training..."

"A landlocked diver just couldn't take it anymore..."

"Wife's attempt at a freediving insurance scam..."

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
" Honey, I shrunk Daddy .......Part III "

" The Abbyss "

" The Spy who Flushed Me....Austin Powers"

" Who Flushed Roger Rabbit ? .......the Movie "

You think you just had too much garlic, cheese and half done eggs............ No Problem !!!!! Kohler just introduced a self powered smell-go-away tools that come as standard equipment to their year 2002 Toilet Line. The revolutionary twin black carbon blades as seen in photo been proven in NASA wind tunnel testing to be very effective. Left hand to fan the toilet bowl, the other hand to fan ur nose, flutter style. Dolhin fanning not reccomended.
Highly reccomended for those not able to breath hold for 5 minutes.

Surgeon Warning : Strong morning smell maybe hazardeous to ur health, use ventilation tools when possible.
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"...yeah, but is it REALLY a constant ballast dive if he gets to flush?"
Thank you,
Erik Y.
The new breed of divers aren't satisfied with ocean life - they are feeling the urge to explore every continent.
Re: More tries...

Originally posted by efattah
"The call of the deep..."

"S & M gone bad....."

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

....I told you guys he has a sense of humour :)
Eric's buddy Erik
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