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Rubber Peeing!

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Have you ever piddled into your wet suit?!

  • Yes, if there is no other possibility!

    Votes: 75 37.9%
  • Peeing is fun! I water my suit regularly...

    Votes: 104 52.5%
  • No, never! I would rather die!

    Votes: 19 9.6%

  • Total voters
daiquiri said:
for those who say it's rude to pee in a wetsuit, try this:

"Urine therapy refers to one of several uses of urine to prevent or cure sickness, to enhance beauty or to cleanse one's bowels. Most devotees drink the midstream of their morning urine. Some prefer it straight and steaming hot; others mix it with juice or serve it over fruit. Some prefer a couple of urine drops mixed with a tablespoon of water applied sublingually several times a day. Some wash themselves in their own golden fluid to improve their skin quality"....


:yack :yack

jeez!!! nothing like a difference to your morning cornflakes :yack
If you can time the urinating to when you reach a thermoclime whilst freediving it's also a bonus for the extra couple of degrees!!! rofl
icarus pacific said:
What's this Dettol stuff Pete? Some kinda down under low level thermonuke cleaner for the Sheila's? Is there a US counterpart? Remember that the stuff has to be non scent... it's a spearo thing. :p
Dettol is a British disinfectant. It is mild, in that it is often added to a basin of water to clean messy grazes (school yard gravel rash, etc.) & cuts. It has a distinctive but not unpleasant smell of it own -- most Brits. would recognize it. They used to do an anticeptic mouth wash which had a similar "scent" -- not a good idea! It is very useful. I think in the US they usually use iodine for cleansing wounds(?).

I could not find Dettol, nor a close equivalent, in the USA stores. I did finally find some in one of those little Brit stores ("the British Pantry") that you see occasionally tucked away in a side street in the US. I bet it is readily available in Canada too (they have the best Weetabix in the World - organic, golden yellow & in proper paper wrappers! Best to eat this cereal with milk though, Island_Sands).
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I thought the "piss kit" was the universal solution for this issue, spearfishers in my region use the kit for "old men", little hole in the wetsuit and there you go...I also use it if I get stung by a medusa! :) .

Ps. My wife got really "pissed of" about the smell!!
greendiver said:
I thought the "piss kit" was the universal solution for this issue, spearfishers in my region use the kit for "old men", little hole in the wetsuit and there you go...I also use it if I get stung by a medusa! :) .

Ps. My wife got really "pissed of" about the smell!!
You might enjoy this thread (re. Pissette or Bec de Canard): [ame="http://forums.deeperblue.net/showthread.php?t=63496"]can someone tell me why did they design wet suits so you have to pee in them?[/ame]
The first time i bought the wet suit, i didnt think of having a pee down under until i was diving in a 15 C cold water and i was dying for a pee...
i was looking at my buddy and feeling shy to ask him what to do in this situation.(should i pee in my new wet suit??)then i had to release the tension and only then i can feel the warmth all over my body...lol
i tried to open the zip under the hood so clean water will go in...it was amazin.i will never hesitate to do it again...

HAD to bring this one back to life!!! Great thread. My new found spear buddies grouped together to give me crap on this one, I casually mentioned it whilst we were watching a video about an Italian Pro spearo who used a catheta, saying i would miss that warm buzz, they all feigned disgust and told me they NEVER did it. Hard to imagine in 4 hours spearo comps in 11 deg C water, but I was worried. Several DB searches later i felt better, but not sure...

It was two weeks later after a few beers that one of them let it slip that they had all spontaneously kidded me.

Peeing is great, i bet even the fish do it?
LOL! classy thread indeed... and No I've not yet peed in My suit. I go ashore and pee in the undergrowth.

Last time I was out I tried peeing in the water... total disaster! When I took My weightbelt off I started bobbing around like a cork and when I got the bottoms down it was so cold I couldn't even tell if I was peeing or not or even if I had the requisite parts as it had gone all numb. I could have crapped Myself it was so cold... Never again!
Davie we just found out why you have those hard feelings,. if you are holding it all back. Most of us pee "in" our suits. The water flushes through them after a while anyway just dont do it in a dry suit if you are ever on scuba.
I'm not one for holding it in, I go ashore and pee then head back to the water.
good thing about the fjords is You can enter from a rock that overhangs almost limitless depths so You don't need to be far from the shore.
Here's one for ya - its known as a 'scupper' in these parts. As far as I'm concerned they look ridiculous and are not necessary.:)
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This past week I taught my four year old to pee in her wetsuit- just like real divers do. ;)

She caught on pretty quick- I was so proud, but my wife was not impressed.rofl

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LOL @ scupper!

here is Norwegian solution... I think you just glue it on and cut a hole.


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I was teaching my Wife to surf. While paddling out she asked "Do you REALLY pee in your wetsuit?"

To which I responded "Of course."

She looked at me, then her borrowed suit, "Ever pee in THIS one?"

I smiled and said, "Yes, every time!"

Then she smiled back and said "Good, now I don't feel so bad!"

A great reminder of why I married her! rofl rofl
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hahah, funny thing is I remembered when I started surfing (loooooong time agooo) I found it hard to do the first few times. It kinda felt bad/weird. I'm a pro now though. I still find it hard to believe that people don't do it, or at least don't admit to it. A good suit rinse and shower and we're good to go!

Do any of you take water to drink out on the float? I get real thirsty after about 2 hours, but hate dragging (more) crap around..
... Do any of you take water to drink out on the float? ...
Actually I do most of my diving in a lake that's also the drinking water supply for the surrounding couple of 100km - So I just dive down to where the water's clear, take a big gulp and am happy.
That, btw, also gives an all new quality to peeing in one's suit. :D
I started to carry a backpacking water bottle, the kind with the built in filter, with me when I go out diving all day. Since I dive freshwater lakes it allows me to drop below the thermocline to get cool water and the filter helps to ensure that I'm safe. I got Crypto a few years ago when I lived in Milwaukee and it's not fun- half the city had it at the time due to a faulty drinking water system.:yack

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