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Rubber Peeing!

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Have you ever piddled into your wet suit?!

  • Yes, if there is no other possibility!

    Votes: 75 37.9%
  • Peeing is fun! I water my suit regularly...

    Votes: 104 52.5%
  • No, never! I would rather die!

    Votes: 19 9.6%

  • Total voters
From the divegirl website:
"In the event all the boys were so busy pouring over charts and echo sounders that both Helen Golding and myself had a wee in a bucket at the back without any of the boys even noticing."
-- A classic. rofl
Timing, indeed, is everything! :cool:

Sign me,
This thread is not going to die, is it... :) Classic..
Soon it's time to start seriously spearfishing.... long sessions consist atleast three to four wee "breaks"

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Hehe.. cool cartoon. The exact same joke, btw, can be seen in the movie Find Nemo, except the victims are seabirds. Great movie. :)
Good one Pablo
It is recommended that Scuba Divers do not accend faster than their bubbles. Most people think it is to prevent the bends, but this is not true.
It's in case you fart. If you beat your bubble to the surface, you will only get your own nostrils full of it.
Why do farts smell? It is so deaf people can enjoy them too.
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stinky suit

I was freezin my but off this weekend and i had to pee really bad! I thought what i could do? I decided to fix both problems at once! boy was it worth it i was toasty warm and didnt have to pee. But swimming in your pee?its sorta gross lol. After the trip my suit stunk like pee but it was worth it. ps what takes the smell of pee out?
for Virgil

that's a killer wetsuit...! reminds me of something i saw in a club in London once. :)

can you get that "rubber sporren" in different sizes?
WOw, those are some amazing peeing stories! I was diving near the shore of my gram's lake yesterday when i had the urge to go. I was only wearing a 3mm shorty and i thought that was a hassle, lol. Needless to say, i ripped it off, flew into the woods, and continued stalking the fish that weren't there.
I dunno if this has been proposed or not, but how about instead of a valve, they have a zipper in the...erm...correct position. Then you could just unzip, and do your business, then zipper back up...

And yes, I have...... :D
a non-rubber peeing photo

i hate peeing in wetties.. that's why i take mine off!


  • sara-pee.jpg
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Hi everyone

This ever happen to you ? It's Saturday afternoon, its your second diving session for the day. The water is freezing and youve been peeing in your suit the whole day :)

After the dive, as the sun sets, your buddy and you pop your gear in the trunk and drive off home. On the way he says, " Hey nice night for a BBQ, lets just go to my place light the fire and get a crate of beer !"

"Well that the best idea you've had the whole day" you say, and off you go.

Later that night after the chow and the crate, he says to you " Hey listen.......no wind.........what time are we diving ?" and you turn to him and say, "Well thats the second best idea you've had today".

As you pass out in front of the fire you know that there is something you forgot to do, but that soon fades away together with your buddy's voice.

The next morning you are woken up by the sun's rays on your face, its a perfect day and you cant wait to get into the water.

Then it hits you........oh sh_t ! the gear !

As you open the trunk, and the wiff of those pee'd through suits hit you, you know why they say, "Never Pee In Your Suit !"
the things we divers talk about.

This thread has been going nearly 2 years and we are still talking about it:D
What a relaxation...

When I use my drysuit, I use those adult diapers... In my wet suit, I clean it with water and vinegar !

While it is nice to get that "warm" feeling when you're down deep in cooler waters, I usually 'flush' my wetsuit out when I pass back through the first thermocline. That usually helps with the smell.:D
for those who say it's rude to pee in a wetsuit, try this:

"Urine therapy refers to one of several uses of urine to prevent or cure sickness, to enhance beauty or to cleanse one's bowels. Most devotees drink the midstream of their morning urine. Some prefer it straight and steaming hot; others mix it with juice or serve it over fruit. Some prefer a couple of urine drops mixed with a tablespoon of water applied sublingually several times a day. Some wash themselves in their own golden fluid to improve their skin quality"....

The trouble is that with other sports you can't get away with it, so self-control always wins, but with diving... ;)
I asked a good friend, and 30 year dive instructor, about peeing in the wetsuit.

He said. "There are two types of people. Those who pee in thier wetsuit, and those who lie about it."
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