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Great sayings

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"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate; and hate is the path to the dark side of the force."
Jedimaster Yoda;)
Its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog...:ko
One that I like (and use occasionally)

"What part of "NO" did you not understand?"


The best.

"your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off":D
Originally posted by Nicky
Righty - o.
Sharky what the?

I can guess from your reply that you are not a classic british film buff. Then I shall enlighten you young one, the film in question is the Italain Job with Mr Michael Cane. Now you will go out and you shall seak out this film and you will watch and you will learn my young padawan and you will be mindful. And some one should stop the so called remake:naughty
OK - don't know why I didn't put this one before:

It's a nice BIG sticker on the back of my truck...


yeah yeah yeaaaah!

Willer :D
How bout this classic Sharky...

"No time for the ol in and out love. Just here to check the meter."
Clockwork Orange
Originally posted by rigdvr
How bout this classic Sharky...

"No time for the ol in and out love. Just here to check the meter."
Clockwork Orange

Nice one:)
Originally posted by Nicky
Ok guys you are so up for it:
" A pastor of one church, who was previously a sailor, was very aware that ships were addressed as "she" or "her". He often wondered what gender computers should be addressed. To answer the question he set up 2 groups of computer experts. The first was a group was a group of women, the second, men. Each group was asked to recommend whether computers should be referred to in a feminine or masculine gender.
THe group of women reported that computers should be referred to in the masculine gender because:
1. I order to get their attention you have to turn them on.
2. They have alot of data but are still useless.
3. They are supposed to help you solve problems but half the time they are the problem.
4. As soon as you committ to one, you realise that if you had waited a little longer you could have had a better model.

The men were too stupid to come up with any answers.

:D :D :D

that sounds like a challenge!:ko

ok, here are the reasons that computers should be reffered to as female

1. No one ever realy knows whats going on inside them
2. The freeze at the worst times for no reason whatsoever
3.a they often make a lot of noise but they arent really doing anything
3.b and the older they are the more noise they make
4. If you dont know excatly what information to input they dont work
5. they are useless without man :t


another about women:
"Who says hell dosn't exist on Earth? Get married you will see!"
this one is from my dad!

and Griff nice going!!

The most delightful advantage of being bald- one can hear snowflakes- R.G. Daniels.
Cujus rei demonstrationem mirabilem sane detexi, hanc marginis exiguitas non caparet.... Pierre de Fermat :)
"I've found a remarkable proof of this fact, but there is not enough space in the margin [of the book] to write it."

Thats what Loopy meant.. right Loops?:t
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How about this one.

Boat. A hole in the water surrounded by wood into which one pours money.
"I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers" - Ghandi

Erik Y.
Profanity: The linguistic crutch of inarticulate idiots

how many other times have you seen linguistic and inarticilaute in the same sentence? Not F#@&!#G many! :D
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